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  1. What is the material that creates the background patina like effect in frames? I recently had 3 customer frames installed in my bathroom. The light fixture match, but would match much better if I could find out how to add this dust like glaze. Do you know that this material is? I know I have seen it in a dusty green gray and blue gray and faded white colors. thanks!

    1. Mark,
      There are a number of ways to apply a patina to a frame. Without seeing your actual frames, the ability of the patina to stick to your frames can’t be known.
      Basically, when we add a patina, we flood the outside of the frame with a diluted mix of theatrical casein paint. This is called a wash. We get the paint from staging supply houses and custom mix the colors to achieve the patina we are looking for. When casein dries it leaves a flat light milky tone that alters the visible finish slightly. I would experiment on similar material. Perhaps your framer might give you a few end cuts of the moulding that was used for you to experiment on.
      When you get the right tone, you can seal the wash with lacquer or shellac. To achieve a dustier look, you can then brush on rottenstone (comes in a few different tannish/grayish colors) and then gently blow the dust off, leaving you with the look you desire. The key is experimentation.
      Rolf Gruller

  2. Great post Tim. Never thought of Ultra Violet protected picture frames before for my picture frames and artwork. Looking forward to it.

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