Framer’s Workshop in Scottsdale has closed its doors. Thank you for letting us serve you for the last 40 years.

  Choosing the Perfect Frame

Quality framing is an art form. We hope that we can help you understand what is involved in the search for the perfect frame to display and protect your precious artwork.

Choosing perfect frame - the process

Get to know the process.

Talk to your frame designer about what is involved in framing your art. A clear understanding always creates a better working relationship. Discussion will enhance your understanding of the process and the materials and techniques that will be used. Bring your art in to find the perfect frame today!

Choosing perfect frame - context

Consider the context of the piece to be framed.

The history and medium of a piece of art will determine what type of frame it should receive. We show over 6,000 styles of frames, covering every major period in frame design and can guide you toward the appropriate frame.

Think about the style of frame you would like to see.

If the artwork itself doesn’t call for a specific style of frame, or if you have a specific style in mind, let us know. We have a variety of frames in any style and can work with you to find one that fits your vision.

Choosing perfect frame - mat style

Protect your paper art with a mat.

Most paper art should be matted. A proper acid-free mat protects the paper art from deterioration. Our experienced designers will ensure that only museum quality materials will be used.

Choosing perfect frame - mat color

Determine which mat color and texture work best.

The purpose of a mat is to draw the viewers eye in from the frame to the piece of art being displayed. We have such an incredible variety of colors and textures of both paper and fabric mats that we are sure to have the best one for your frame.

Choosing perfect frame - glazing

Choose what type of glazing will protect your art.

Not only is artwork physically delicate, it can also fade quickly unless protected from UV light. We offer glass and plexiglass varieties that cut 98% of harmful UV rays from ever hitting your valuable artwork. We also offer virtually invisible(museum glass) and abrasion resistant glazings to keep your frame and art looking brand new.