Artwork Preservation – Why do framers recommend Ultraviolet Filtering glazing?

Usually, when you go to a picture framing store to design a frame for your artwork, your framer will recommend ultraviolet filtering glazing to protect the art from fading caused by light. All framers have seen the effects of light on their client’s artwork. Usually, fading happens over years, so the effects are not apparent until you compare the art to an original version. Works on paper are much more susceptible¬†to fading than are oil paintings. That is due to the heavy pigment load in paint, while printing inks need to be more fluid and consist of lighter pigments and dyes that can be forced onto a thin piece of paper.

A tale of 2 vintage posters. Pianos Daude circa 1920, a very desirable and valuable poster, shows the effect that light can have on your art. When you go out in the bright sun, you probably use sunscreen to protect your skin. In the case of artwork, that protection is ultraviolet filtering glazing. Think of the glass or plex as sunscreen for your artwork. When your framer recommends UV filtering for artwork preservation, take the advice. More info soon.

Check out the fading in normal home light.
Brilliant deep reds in the original poster



4 thoughts on “Artwork Preservation – Why do framers recommend Ultraviolet Filtering glazing?

  1. Great advice. I always recommend UV glass for watercolors especially, and a few other media. Also, it’s important to consider where the pictures will be hanging in the client’s location, taking into account the lighting, shading, architecture, etc., and to recognize when the planned location is going to be in either direct light or a large amount of indirect light.

    One of my caveats is “If you value your artwork, never let the sun touch it”. But people need to know, even indoor lighting can create UV, both incandescent and fluorescent. Hanging a watercolor picture out of direct sunlight doesn’t necessarily make it safe. UV screening glass and consideration of the location are both practical, and necessary.

    1. Thank you so much for this great post. I have never heard about doing this for picture framing before. I will have to make sure that I do this. I can totally see the value of it. My cousin was just complaining to me the other day that the sun was coming in through his window and fading his artwork. I will have to show him this post! Thanks again!

  2. Thank you for the tips on using the ultraviolet filtering glazing. I will be looking in to trying this stuff out. Thank you very much for the insight.


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